DISCONTINUED - BCC100 has been replaced with the BCC200

Brinno Construction timelapse camera

Longterm construction project recording / BCC100 Construction timelapse camera KIT
78 Days on one set of batteries

The Brinno timelapse construction camera is the most effortless way to record any construction or other longterm project. You can record a timelapse at any rate you want and play it back at the rate you would like once your project is complete.

It's so simple to use! Setting up and operating this wireless camera takes no effort at all. The battery will last up to 78 days or longer. It's dust-proof and comes with a weather resistant housing, a bracket to mount the camera on a wall as well as a handy rubber strap to secure the camera tightly.

Best of all, no editing is required when shooting your construction project with the Brinno timelapse camera. It delivers "instant video" once your filming is completed.

More info:
Brinno BCC100 Construction timelapse camera dedicated page | www.brinno.com/html/construction-camera.html
Brinno official site | www.brinno.com
Brinno Interval Timelapse calculator page | www.brinno.com/support/timelapse-settings.html

Supplied Accessories:

TimeLapse Camera (TLC200 f1.2)
4GB SD Memory Card
Weather Resistant housing
Camera Wall Mount
Rubber strap
User Manual


LCD Screen
1.44" TFT LCD
Lens Rotating Angle
Lens Type
Aspherical Lens (glass lens)
F 1.2
Field of View
Focal Length
18 mm (35mm equivalent)
Focus Distance
30 cm (Minimum)
Time Lapse Video
Format: AVI
Resolution: 1280x 720, 640x 480
Memory Storage
SD Card (Supported up to 32 GB)
Time Interval
Captures 3~ 5 photos in 1 second
Custom Interval
From 1 second to 24 hours
Power source
Battery: 4 AA Batteries
DC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector)
Battery Life
2 second time interval, captures 240,000 frames
Size (DxWxH)
64x 46x 106 mm
120 g (without batteries)

Battery Life - The battery life depends on different interval settings:

Time interval: 1 sec / Frames captured: 245,000 / Days: 2.8
Time interval: 5 sec / Frames captured: 228,000 / Days: 13
Time interval: 10 sec / Frames captured: 197,800 / Days: 23
Time interval: 20 sec / Frames captured: 137,400 / Days: 32
Time interval: 30 sec / Frames captured: 105,200 / Days: 36
Time interval: 1 min / Frames captured: 61,800 / Days: 43
Time interval: 5 min / Frames captured: 14,300 / Days: 50
Time interval: 10 min / Frames captured: 9,180 / Days: 64
Time interval: 30 min / Frames captured: 3,700 / Days: 78
Time interval: 1 Hr / Frames captured: 1,800 / Days: 78
Time interval: 4 Hr / Frames captured: 460 / Days: 78
Time interval: 24 Hr / Frames captured: 78 / Days: 78

These specifications are based on 4x AA NEW Alkaline batteries, more days can be achieved with lithium batteries
All info bassed off the offical Brinno web-site

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