TIMELAPSE SA have been commissioned for various assignments ranging from commercials, construction, corporate work and much more. Our stock footage has also been used in a number of productions and music videos, all shot on the various Shukuma dollies. Some of our work features in a recent local feature film.

Here are a few of the production companies and clients who we've worked for:

  • Groundglass - Cape Town
  • Exit Films - Australia
  • AFS Productions - Cape Town
  • Alison Productions - Kenya
  • Black Envelope Films - Johannesburg
  • Faction Media - Pretoria
  • CitiBank - USA
  • Crown Paints - Kenya
  • Blueprint - Canada
  • Builders Warehouse - South Africa
  • MegaMaster - South Africa
  • Zenprop - Longterm Construction Timelapse
  • Racklock - Longterm Timelapse
  • AfriHost - Longterm Construction Timelapse
  • Feenstra Group - Longterm Construction Timelapse
  • Afriforum - Anti-fracking in the Karoo
  • Lynnwood Bridge Mall - Promotional Material
  • AFGRI - Stock for product launch
  • CIC-Wildlife - Stock for CIC General Assembly


"Thanks for the email….really appreciate it. Thank you to you guys for an amazing shoot. Everything looks so good and we are busy with all the special effects and should be done end of this week…" - Michael Kolbe, Director (Black Envelope Films)
"You guys are amazing; it was such a fun shoot & everyone did an incredible job. Bloody great work, mate. You did a really awesome job. Thank you again. Hopefully we can work together again someday soon!" - Ryley Brown, DOP (Australia)
"You guys make a great team! You were always there, ready to shoot. We never had to wait for you. We couldn't have done this without you!" Mark Molloy, Director (Australia)
"The editing is master class quality, with razor blade of precision of images, movements, synchronised to the pensive, piano-themed music" " - Patricia Ramos, Exposure Guide (Blog post on Karoo Journey)
" A huge thank you to the two of you for your work on this job - what an amazing team you are. I know Ryley and Mark were hugely impressed and appreciative of your hard work under very pressurised sunlight conditions - so well done - and a huge thank you from myself, Jared and Groundglass for being so awesome. I look forward to wotk with you and would recommend TimeLapse SA for any timelapse job!" - Debra Stubbs, Groundglass
"Hey everyone, check out Joe's showreel on vimeo. He's a big advocate of timelapse photography in South Africa!" - Jeff Davies
"Glad to hear all is well and you're busy. You guys are great at what you do & have a fantastic work ethic; I'm not surprised to hear you're in demand. Keep it up. Would love to see some of the stuff you're working on." - Ryley Brown, DOP (Australia)
"I must have watched this timelapse video at least 2 or 3 times before posting it. From the music to the composition and locations, everything gives you a very relaxing feel about it. Fine-art landscape and timelapse photographer Joe louw, who's based in South Africa, travels around to shoot this video below with his wife, who helped him with carrying the equipment, planning the shots, and documenting the whole trip. In my opinion, that is the best wife any photographer could ask for." - Tam Nguyen, New York (Blog post on Karoo Journey)
"… His passion for photographing the world is prevalent through his amazing ability to bring images to life….. The scenes Joe captures are simply incredible, this is simply one of the best edits I have seen in a while." - Leigh Diprose (Blog post on Karoo Journey)
"Forget the rains, winds and blistering heat, we would guess it was the editing that was the hardest part of this journey" - Peta Pixel (Blog post on Karoo Journey)
"Timelapse SA's stock footage is brilliant: The highest quality, breathtakingly beautiful. We were proud to include their work in our feature film 'Die Laaste Tango'" - Deon Meyer.


The Shukuma DOLLY & PRO has been used for a number of local and international productions ranging from Natural History and commercials for international television, music videos and feature films !!!

Here are a few clients that used the Shukuma DOLLY and or PRO:

  • Herbert Brauer - Natural History
  • Riaan Venter - Natural History
  • Nathan Pilcher - Natural History
  • Evert Kleynhans - RooistoelTV
  • Tim Apter - Mustard Post Productions
  • Chris Cloete - Chris Cloete Photography
  • Andre Strydom - Pannar Seed
  • Deon Meyer - Feature Film "Die Laaste Tango"
  • Clive Morris Productions - NAT GEO "Taboo Africa"
  • James Sutherland - TV Commercial
  • Keith McLintock - Big Brave Digital
  • Vaal University of Technology - Vanderbijilpark
  • Central University of Technology - Bloemfontein
  • Jehovah's Witnesses - Wesley Marshall
  • What We Want Films / Draft FCB - Brendan Barnes
  • Studio Zoo - Brendan Barnes
  • Earth Touch - Grant Brokenshaw
  • Outdoorphoto - Retail
  • Photo Hire - Retail & Rentals
  • Puma Video - Shukuma PRO Rentals


"Thank you both for a truly memorable weekend. Joe - I love every part of your dolly. There is simply so much attention to details. It's a world class product and I'm proud to own one. Jonelle - Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome so often over the weekend. I've downloaded the controller pdf file - it's an excellent manual for the controller. All the best" - Mark Straw
"Jong jy het gisteraand met 'n glas gewyn gesit… ek sit met 'n glas Jack Daniels vanaand! Ek kyk nou na jou verpakking en jou diens ens… mag ons Vader gee dat hierdie besigheid se geseënd sal wees dat jy 'n paar mense binnekort sal he wat vir jou werk omdat jy nie meer tyd het om hierdie sorgvuldige verpakking die moeite met verspreiding ens. te doen nie en meer timelapse te skiet!" - Evert Kleynhans, RooistoelTV
"Guys I have one of these rigs from Joe and they are amazing. Trust me - the built quality is amazing!" - Chris Cloete, Action Lens
"Unlike other timelapse dollies I have looked at, the Shukuma DOLLY and Shukuma MINI are seriously simple to set up. ….. The Shukuma can be extended almost as far as you can possibly imagine, giving you a lot of leverage in designing your shots. Again, not something that many dollies out there can do. For the professional filmmakers this is a serious advantage…" - Sean Nel, Shootsimaging / Outdoorphoto
"My buddy bought one, very impressive product! One day… Drooling with a dreamy look…." - Michael Wozniak
"I unpacked the dolly last night - it's a seriously beautiful product. Looking forward to playing with it over the weekend." - Mark Straw