Okay, so this is that part of the website where I have to talk about myself. It’s always a bit awkward and most of the time it sounds so selfish. Through reading it I want you to feel like you’ve just met me and had a quick chat. Maybe you’ll even feel like inviting me for a braai or joining me on a road trip! So here goes...

I’m Joe. But not just the average Joe - I’m JOE LOUW! (Just kidding...) I’m totally at home when surrounded with nothing but NATURE, being outdoors, travelling and shooting LANDSCAPE SCENES. If I didn’t had to earn a living, you would probably never find me in the city.

I’ve been doing PHOTOGRAPHY since my Basketball career (big dreamer!) didn’t happen. I’m a pretty tall guy and thought I’d be good at this until I realised I’m actually small compared to the professionals. During this time my love for SOUTH AFRICA and the bush grew stronger and I knew that I wanted to pursue a career where I’ll be able to SPEND TIME IN NATURE. Photography seemed like the perfect choice and I haven’t looked back ever since.

I suppose I should be considered a TECHNICAL GEEK and my wife often has to remind me that not everyone gets the technicalities - especially the way I do! Apart from my good understanding of general TECHNICAL subjects, I thoroughly ENJOY doing things with my hands. Building things, engineering things, trying to make things work more practical, you name it. Most of all, I like to make things that can IMPROVE MY PHOTOGRAPHY - the rigs and rails, the BBC stuff, the cool stuff! On top of that; I’m a perfectionist too. I’m sure I’ve got some German blood in me somewhere...

When I’m not busy shooting outdoors you’ll probably find me in the kitchen COOKING UP A STORM. I’m just as comfortable in the kitchen as I am behind my camera. I really ENJOY having people over and SHARING some of my food with them. Cooking is what I do for RELAXATION and what can be better then to enjoy a good meal with good company and some good wine too?

When I do something, I always do it WHOLEHEARTEDLY. I don’t believe in second best and I simply cannot compensate on QUALITY. When you do something, do it good! My biggest driving forces in life is my FAITH in God, the LOVE and support from my wife, Jonelle and the desire to shoot something INSPIRING.

And that’s me in a nutshell ;-)