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    Motion Controlled Dolly Operator & TimeLapse DP


    Understanding, shooting & processing timelapse.

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    Personal projects, productions & rigging.


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  • Shoot on assignment

    Joe Louw is a motion controlled dolly operator & timelapse DP who is available to shoot any time-lapse assignment, locally or internationally. His comprehensive knowledge and experience in time-lapse photography allow him to deliver outstanding work, ready for broadcasting or web publishing.

    His perfectionistic nature, high standards and dedication make him a sought after time-lapse photographer for any commissioned shoot.

  • Behind the Scenes | News | Blog

    Keep updated with all the latest news, productions and any other activities on OUR BLOG Here we share news about our workshops, product reviews and any general info regarding productions that we've worked on or sharing stories of our own timelapse adventures.

    Come and share in our timelapse-filled life!

  • Bulb-Ramp Intervalometers | Longterm Timelapse Cameras | Other

    TimeLapse SA is your complete resource for long-term time-lapse accessories, longterm construction cameras, and any timelapse accessories in South Africa.

    We strive to provide you with the fastest possible service delivery and turn-around time for all your digital cinematic and time lapse needs.

  • Longterm Timelapse Projects

    TimeLapse SA is available for any longterm timelapse assignment, indoors or out.

    We offer high quality imaging ready for web usage, HD viewing or even broadcasting. Allow us to capture the progress of your longterm construction project (or other projects), compiling it into a captivating yet professional video.

  •  Shooting | Processing | Advanced

    TimeLapse SA are hosting a variety of time lapse workshops ranging from all about shooting time lapse, how to process and edit your time lapse sequences to the more advanced shooting techniques of HDR time lapse and “holy grail”.

    More details here: WORKSHOPS

  • 4K | HD | Licensed

    TimeLapse SA have a fast growing stock library with various timelapse sequences, mostly shot in Africa and focused on Southern Africa. These video clips are available for international licensing and has licensing options available for commercial, exclusive, royalty free and rights managed licenses.

    Please contact Joe for further details.