The TIMELAPSE SA logo is finalised

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I thought this day will never come!

The TIMELAPSE SA logo is finalised

At last! I'm so happy this day has come and the logo is now officially finalized.  With me being such a perfectionist, this logo is now complete and I am stoked that the branding can actually start. Big fat happy face :-D

You should now see this logo everywhere.  if you still see the old one, please let me know so that I can change it.


Pulleys, Motors & Belts

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Smooth sailing or NOT!

Stock collection from all the various suppliers is underway and so the pulleys, motors & belts was collected yesterday.


On my return home I made an interesting little discovery and realised that the belt  I just picked up is not the same as the belt used in my prototype.  I immediately tried to fit the belt over the pulley and of course, it doesn’t fit 100% :-(


The Rails has arrived...

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Rails are ready to be packed

The Rails has arrived...

WOW! I've been to JHB and back in less then 2 hours. I just arrived back home with 12 BRAND NEW 1m rails for the first 10 Shukuma DOLLIES. Great stuff!!

I was not in the mood for traffic and since the Anodizers open at 6am I thought I would leave bright and early.


The first 12 rails are ready to be anodised

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Collecting stock for the first Shukumas

Getting these is like finding water in the dessert :-)

Of all the items that's making up the Shukuma, this was probably the hardest to find!  Now I have enough for 12 rails.  How cool is that?  Shipping stock to South Africa is no easy feat and finding suppliers that actually import this and willing to keep stock, well that's a whole different story.


First Shukuma DOLLIES available to order!

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Special price for the first 10 dollies - ORDER NOW!

Production is moving forward at full speed and the stock is coming in from all 18 suppliers bit by bit.
To receive your Shukuma DOLLY by end of August NOW is the time to place your order.  You will be one of the first 10 happy people to own a brand new Shukuma DOLLY. So get your Shukuma now to offer something unique and exciting to your clients - Timelapse Photography with motion!


The SMC Motion Controller

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Control your camera, dolly and Merlin head with the SMC Motion controller

The SMC Motion Controller

The SMC motion controller is now complete!
The box has been finalised and it's now ready to be sold. The neatly finished, durable plastic box also have a protective cover over the screen.  This helps to keep out some moisture and dust.

The price per unit will be R2000 incl. the camera cable of your choice. The SMC can be ordered separately.


The best part of the site

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Stay update with Timelapse SA here!

This is where I’ll be sharing all the latest INSIGHTS & INFO of what's happening with me, the Shukuma DOLLY and my TimeLapse shoots. Follow the progress and see what’s happening with any future developments and shoots.
If you are like me who LOVE to follow any "Behind the Scenes" happenings of other photographers, filmmakers and productions, this is the page you want to bookmark - TRUST ME!

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