Construction Timelapse

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Long term construction projects

Construction Timelapse

By now I'm sure many of you have a very good idea of the various activities that we keep ourselves busy with. From rigging dollies, shooting timelapse, dolly rentals and stock footage to workshops - everything timelapse!

Our timelapse shooting assignments also include longterm shoots at construction sites. These projects often happen over a 12 or even 24 month period and even longer sometimes.

If you are interested in shooting a timelapse with a few static cameras over such a long period of time, be sure to contact us. There are different ways to approach this for different results and we are always keen to produce something creative. We also work with commercial filmmakers to offer more in depth promo's to advertise the essence of your business.

Most of these shoots will include a camera or 2 on fixed structures, taking a few images daily, which will allow you to see the actual process of any construction project. This can be combined with more creative timelapse shots to include more detailed activities during the construction period. You also have the option to add additional video scenes or voice overs of anything important that you want to express through your reel or advert.

Don't delay to contact us with your specific requests. We are always interested in such challenging assignments like this ;-)

We are aslo considering to get ourselfs one of these untis to make use of a DSLR instead of a GoPro.