Getting wet on Nelson Mandela square!

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This is how you spend your Saturday - with a new TimeLapse Photographer

Getting wet on Nelson Mandela square!

Peter Hassall, Jonelle and I went out on a shoot to Sandton to do some TimeLapse at Nelson Mandela square.

Being there on a Saturday meant lots of people activity, with some very interesting shots.

After Peter asked me to assist him with some TimeLapse shots that he would like to present to a client, Nelson Mandela Square seemed liked the perfect location! 

It was quite a mission to finally get the water fountain turned on.  Without the motion from the water the shot wouldn't have been as successful, especially since the fountain appeared in the foreground throughout the entire duration of the TimeLapse.

It's 40min into the shot and we planned on shooting for 2 hours in total.  With a sudden change in wind direction, the wind blew all the spray from the water onto the dolly, the camera and lens and also onto the controller.  I suppose it's a good thing that the SMC is semi water-resistant!

Here I am thinking very hard about what to do with this shot...  Now the question is; take off the camera or carry on shooting?  Oh well, it's only a light water spray onto the camera and a dolly so lets carry on shooting.

It's a good thing we did as the shot turned out really nice!  See the clip below.