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What's happening at the TLSA camp ?

OK, just a quick general update !!!

Before this hectic week at the 2012 Photo and Film Expo starts, I'd like to give you all an incite on a few things.

Firstly; the people that already own a Shukuma DOLLY, I am still trying to source limit switches with the right components in SA.

I am still looking for a supplier to supply me with a 2.5mm Mono jack plug, sealed with a lead.  More on that as soon as I have found a supplier and have an estimated shipping date.  There might be a moulding company in the pipe line but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet.

Also, Shukuma DOLLY extension kits are now IN STOCK again.

Secondly; this "BLOG" so to speak, now have a RSS feed!
Just copy this link http://timelapsesa.co.za/about/bts-news/feed/rss/bts-news?format=feed into your RSS reader and you will be notified whenever there is a new blog.  That's so cool!

Thirdly; regarding the Photo & Film Expo, we will be there shooting timelapse so keep an eye out for a bright orange Shukuma DOLLY in action and come and say hi!

I will also be doing a talk on time lapse photography on the Adobe main stage on Friday 19 October @ 10am (my wife's B-day) so be sure to join in.

Due to some interesting developments TimeLapse SA will not be exhibiting at the expo however there is something else that ate up all the funds for the expo.... Since product development is a costly affair it was a wise decision to spend funds internally on a NEW product.

TimeLapse SA is launching a brand new dolly this month!!

You might remember the post I did a while ago where I mentioned something exciting is coming!  Well, it's almost here....  It's called the Shukuma MINI!

So hold on to your seats and keep an eye on the news page.  The Shukuma MINI will be launched shortly!
A neat product with a neat price ;-)