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Head on comparison between Nikon D610 & Canon 6D coming up!

Testing, reviews, construction and more

How would you like to know the performance differences between the Nikon D610 and the Canon 6D?

Well, we'd like to know really really bad!! So we're heading out to do a full-on and in-depth review on both these two DSLR cameras, specifically for timelapse photography purposes.

Both these cameras seem to be good options for timelapse shooters or perhaps just a second/third timelapse camera, so we want to find out how they perform when shooting timelapse. Areas we'll be focusing on will include general camera handling, ease of use, battery life, flexibility, sensor performance, noise and all the rest of it. We want to know how do these cameras feel in your hand when working with it. Plus, we'll put together a detailed list of pro's and con's on all the various factors involved when looking at buying a new camera. I'm sure the 5D Mark III will remain a favourite with few things to fault for timelapsers but it will be interesting to know how these little bro's perform for their price tags.

You might also be wondering why we've been a little quiet lately? Fact is, we're working on stuff that we cant say much about yet! What we can tell you is that we've also been busy with a few longterm timelapse projects like this one in Sandton. You can have a look at one of our previous projects here: RACKLOCK

Reviews on the Timelapse+ and Promote Control will be published soon. If you haven't heard yet, the new SCYO dolly is available for retail directly in Germany from Kids of All Ages and Elysia Visuals There is a cool competition going on for all timelapse shooters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and you could win an SCYO DOLLY!

Check out the website for upcoming workshop dates and be sure to sign up to the newsletter as there will be one coming out fairly soon. We might just be announcing something super cool!! Hold your thumbs now :-D

To end of the blog on a high note, check out this super fun activation for Lipton! We had the privilege of working with Ground Glass again earlier this year. It was a loooong all-nighter as we had to bust out shooting throughout the night. They had to set-up a slide inside a shopping mall and could only do so after hours and that's when the timelapse were shot…. Sadly we missed out on all the fun during the day ;-)

Do check back soon for the full review on the Canon 6D vs the Nikon D610. We can't wait to see how these two cameras compare and performs.

Now it's time to visit the battle field!!