Timelapsing the new Ola ice-cream factory

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Longterm Timelapse Project - Unilever

Timelapsing the new Ola ice-cream factory

Another timelapse project has been completed!
We worked on yet another Unilever project for the 3rd time in a row. Only this time it was an outdoor project and it took much longer than their previous indoor projects. A new Ola ice-cream manufacturing facility has been constructed in Midrand, South Africa.

The 40 000m2 factory is one of the first structures to be constructed in the Lord's View Industrial Park and is said to manufacture 40 Million Litres of ice-cream per year. The construction and assembly of the factory commenced over about 12 months. The factory also aims to produce zero waste to landfill.

The project was already underway by the time we got commissioned to shoot this longterm construction timelapse. We wasted no time to install the camera to capture the construction of this new ice-cream factory. Much of the construction and actual assembly took place on the inside of the factory making it a little difficult to appreciate all the efforts to put up the entire facility.

Some statistics from the factory:

  • Number of Modules: 23
  • Pipe length installed: 2400m
  • Number of Valves: 620
  • Number of Vessels: 43
  • Number of Instrumentations: 171
  • Cable length run: 33200m
  • Total weight: 527.3 ton
  • Total Fabrication time: 12 weeks
  • Setting time for 23 Modules: 9 days

For more info on these longterm timelapse projects, visit this page or contact Joe directly.

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