Where We'll Go

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So where will we go??

Where We'll Go

So.... what are we planning for 2015?? What's next?? 
We are SO excited about this next project and can't wait to get out there and shoot this! Read on and find out about our short film that we are working on.

We were planning to visit another location for a specific story and timelapse project that we wanted to do and due to some logistical problems we had to plan something else for the time being. But hopefully that one can come down in April this year. We just need to get out there and shoot...

We have planned a really cool little production and this time it will be like a short film told through timelapse. So where will we go?? It's only fitting to go back to the Karoo but this time it will be different. Totally different! This is going to be a story...

A story about travelling. Travelling to breathtaking locations with magnificent landscapes and majestical night-skies, silence and simplicity. 
This story will also allow you to have a share of our timelapse and travelling adventures and get a glimpse of how and what we do to get the shots.

Travel with us and stay updated with all the timelapsing via Instagram and Facebook (whenever we have internet ;-) during the next two weeks while we are hard at work to get our desired shots in this harsh and hot environment. Come and see where we'll go!!

You can already start with the prepping and packing for our new short film.

where well go