FREE Local Courier (excl. BCC2000) | Camera will be couriered after payment reflects | Receive in 24-48 hours

Please NOTE:

  • Once you complete this form below, you will receive an official invoice with bank details and info required to make an EFT.
  • Stock will be booked out and prepared for shipping, until payment has been made for a MAX of 2 working days.
  • EFT's ONLY - no credit cards accepted.
  • Once you have sent through the Proof of Payment, your package will be sent out via FedEx to a physical address. - NO P.O. Box !!
  • Proof of Payment must be received before 2pm for shipment to go out same day.
  • Road freight shipping is FREE (SA only)Delivery to outlaying areas or overnight options may include extra fees
  • Should you need a quote instead, please see below . You can download a pdf. quote directly from this page.
  • Quote is valid for 7 days & Invoices is valid for 2 days only !!


Please use these pdf's to save/print yourself a quote for the selected camera