2 months in 2 weeks

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Everything on the site is now in stock!

WOW! What a hectic past two weeks this was. What took me two months to complete the previous time with the 1st batch of dollies, I now HAD to do it in 2 weeks due to ALL my suppliers closing for the holidays and only opening on the 7th of Jan 2013. 

I had no time to spare, sleep or even eat, but......

I now have dollies galore in stock! A few are ready to ship immediately and I still have a couple more to assemble and package, but the "factory" will not close during the Christmas holidays.  Assembling and packaging will commence while you are havin' a blast on holiday ;-)

I have many exciting things to share with you all but it would have to wait for the next newsletter and the end of year blog post.

It was tough getting all the stock in time and to deliver the first ever Shukuma MINI "compact" to a client I had on hold.  From the CNC work straight to the anodizers and milling machine, directly to the client - 4 min later!  Plus, getting a bit of a shocker from about 80% of all 21 suppliers about sudden increases... At least I have stock and can send out dollies straight away!  This also means that current prices are forced to increase once this stock is sold out.

So, if you where thinking about getting a DOLLY or MINI, I suggest you get it NOW before the new prices will take affect early next year.

PS: I am off to shoot new product shots of ALL the products as well as training videos. It's going to be one hell off day in the studio but here we come.....!