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Weatherproof cameras for Longterm Construction Timelapse

Brinno HDR & Construction Cameras

One of the most popular subjects to timelapse must be construction. Everyone knows what it looks like to see the progress of a building going up and that is why it's becoming more and more popular to shoot and use timelapses of such projects. That's exactly where the Brinno Construction and HDR timelapse cameras comes in. Be sure to read this review on these affordable timelapse cameras!

The Brinno Timelapse cameras are super easy to use! It's very straight forward to set-up and program your desired settings and intervals. The battery life is very impressive as it will last up to 70 days or longer, depending on your camera model. The best part is; there is no editing required! Once you transfer the memory card you will already get a complete video. The weatherproof housing ensure that you can use it outdoors all year round. This is a great solution to record the progress of construction projects, installations in warehouses, events or anything else you'd like to timelapse!

TimeLapse SA has two different models available for retail. We sell the BCC100 Construction Timelapse Kit as well as the TLC 200 PRO which offers instant HDR timelapse videos. See all the product specs and prices here: Brinno BCC100 and Brinno TLC 200 PRO

You can buy these construction cameras directly from us and we ship anywhere in South Africa. We are located in Pretoria, Gauteng but we also courier overnight to Johannesburg so no need to collect if you are located closer to us. All courier within South Africa is free of charge when you purchase one or more Brinno Camera(s). All major cities qualifies for overnight delivery. We also offer discount for bulk orders on the TLC 200 PRO.

Here are a few pro's & con's on the Brinno HDR & Construction Cameras.

Easy to use
Long lasting battery life (4x AA batteries)
No editing of still images required - immediate video file
Small & lightweight
Weatherproof casing

Quality not great - won't recommend usage for anything other then Youtube (No big screens, projectors etc.)
Not for broadcasting!
No still images available
Very limited with editing - poor grading, colour correction, dynamic range options and availabilities
Very limited with editing final video - low quality
Poor sensor quality - Less than 1 megapixel

Should you be interested in proper high-quality options for full HD output, 4K quality footage, to be viewed in hi-res on projectors, monitors, big screens or for broadcasting, have a look at the DSLR options available.
This is specialised equipment with solar power battery packs, special controllers and intervalometers, all inside a weather sealed box, mostly for projects with longer durations.

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