A different kind of construction

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Construction timelapse in a warehouse!

A different kind of construction

In early November 2013 we set out on a mission to put up two static timelapse cameras in a warehouse to shoot a timelapse of racks & shelving being installed. Little did we know how amazing this shoot will turn out!

Racklock is a warehouse racking and product storage solutions company which design, manufacture and install products such as pallet racking, mini racking, shelving and mezzanine floors. This project was done for House and Home.

Installing these two longterm timelapse cameras was quite a mission as I literally had to "spiderman" myself up and down a dozen times to get the cameras, power cables etc. all in place. Thank goodness for a safety harness! This also meant that I got more than my weekly dose of exercise ;-)

The main camera remained static during the 3 months of shooting while the second camera was moved around to cover the action from multiple angles to ensure a much more creative and detailed final result. It's mind-blowing to see how these guys actually put up these uprights and beams. The speed at which they work is incredible but most of all, I admire their talent because one certainly must know what you are doing to get this done.

Some interesting facts on the project:

  • In excess of 700 tons of raw steel used to manufacture
  • Manufacturing lead time: 3 weeks for first delivery, completed in 6 weeks.
  • Installation time: 45 working days
  • 40,274.40 meters of Uprights
  • 41,240.20 meters of Bracing
  • 46,278.40 meters of Beams
  • 10,032 Top Hats
  • 129,730 Nuts & Bolts

Executive Producer: Racklock
Produced by: TimeLapse SA
Directed by: Joe Louw / Jonelle Louw
DP: Joe Louw
Offline editing: Jonelle Louw
Online editing & Graphics: Nanette Grebe - Handmade Media

To enquiry about your longterm construction timelapse project, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now.
Below is some iPhone shots taken at the warehouse during the production.
Enjoy the video :-D

racklock 1