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Three more projects completed.

Since many of our timelapse assignments are long term projects, it's not often that we get to share the completed productions with you. Strangely enough, this time we have three! Mainly because two of these projects were indoor projects which only takes around 2 or 3 months in comparison to this outdoor project which took a few years...

We were on site for Platinum Group Metals for the first time in 2013 and later installed 2 longterm cameras in April 2014 to capture the construction progress of a new platinum mine just outside Rustenburg, South Africa. Being so remotely located, vantage points to install the cameras was quite a challenge. Later on we relocated the cameras to a more permanent structure when the silo was completed. This gave us a superb birds-eye view of the plant.

It's pretty fascinating to see what it takes to construct a platinum mine, even though this only shows what happens above ground level. There were many more activities happening underground which were not filmed for this project. Many other earthworks, developments and installations happened far off in the distance which actually helps to emphasise the vastness of such a mine. Still, it's hard to grasp how everything gets connected over such a long distance making the process of mining platinum even more intriguing.

You can watch the final video here: PGM

CTM / SpaceMill:
Opening a new store and putting up your shop front is always a good reason to get some timelapse. When Space Mill had to put up shop for a new CTM store, it was only fitting to timelapse the progress of setting up this fantastic new store. Their aim is to showcase the new look for CTM stores.

You can watch the final video here: CTM

Tsogo Sun:
When getting an enquire to timelapse the installation of a chandelier, it was a little difficult to understand why timelapse? Why not just video? Surely it can't take that long... But when your chandelier crystals are up to 40m long, you start to understand that this is a chandelier in a league of its own! And that's exactly why SA Rope Access found it important to get a proper timelapse done of this unique installation. It surely takes some skill to get this job done - especially working at those heights and with such valuable crystals...

You can watch the final video here: Tsogo Sun

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