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Record high stats, Expo feedback & other important info

Latest info from TLSA

The Photo & Film Expo is done and dusted, we had record high stats on our website, the Shukuma DOLLY is out of stock, the Shukuma MINI is no more and a Dubai blog to follow soon.
So here is what happened at the expo and other general information.

It was great to see how the interest and awareness grew from last year at the Photo & Film Expo to now. Many more people now actually knows what a motorised timelapse dolly is. Many others were simply just curious or amazed at what timelapse is and how a dolly can help to add additional motion to your shots.

On top of that, it was great to catch up with familiar faces whether it be someone we've met before or just an "electronic friend" from Facebook. It's sometimes quite weird when someone greets you as if they know you for years yet you're not really sure who they are. So sorry if we were a bit uncertain of your identity ;-)

Thanks for your interest and support and special thanks for everyone joining our workshops!

We are really pleased to share with you that we had the best ever stats since launching our website, especially for October. Comparing it to last year October (which was also a very good month) we've had a 100% increase on the amount of unique visitors as well as the time spent browsing the website by visitors. What's even better is that we had one super good day in November smashing Octobers' stats in one day…
In general we had a 200% growth in unique visitors from 2012 to 2013 :-)

We are really happy that our hard work doesn't go unnoticed and that we are not just keeping the website cool for ourselves. Please continue to spread the love and show your support, share our blogs and follow us on Facebook too ;-)

The Shukuma DOLLY is out of stock and is now only available on order. There is a turnaround time of about 5 days on all orders placed so just be aware that there will now be a slight waiting period. The Shukuma MINI has been discontinued and we will no longer be manufacturing these dollies.

We've made a few changes and updates to the website and we apologise if you get a bit lost. We've made it easier to get to the blog and organised some other things a bit better. If you do come across any broken links please let us know so that we can fix it.

As you might know, we hosted a workshop in Dubai recently and we'll be posting a blog on that shortly. Also keep an eye out for the review on the Olympus OMD EM5 that we tested out while in Dubai.

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