Lindeman's commercial on air

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International commercial shot with the Shukuma DOLLY

Yay!! The Australian wine commercial that we rigged the timelapse dollies for earlier in June is finally on air. The entire commercial was shot on the Shukuma DOLLY and it was an interesting combination of timelapse and stop-motion.

The result is fantastic!!

It is always amazing to see what people come up with when editing the final product together. Seeing the end result really bring the scenes to life, showing exactly what the director and DOP were aiming for. Surprisingly we do recognise every shot in the commercial yet it's remarkable to see exactly how everything fit together and how talented these editors are. Almost all of the scenes have some additional elements added to it and really helps to compliment the sequences.

This was an amazing experience and working with Exit Films and Groundglass Productions was such a pleasure! Judging by the results they are definitely worth their salt and we can highly recommend them both. It would be great to work with them again in the future ;-)

Get all the BTS on the Lindeman's wine commercial here: Rigging Dollies

Talking about rigging dollies, we are very excited about our new dolly which will be the main dolly used when rigging for other productions. The Shukuma PRO has countless features and flexibility including real-time video, running on a very smooth track. We desperately want to share some images with you so keep an eye out as we will be taking some photos of the Shukuma PRO in action on our Advanced Timelapse Workshop. This dolly is going to rock!!