Longterm timelapse project - Part I

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South Africa, JHB - Sandton’s iconic landmark starting off in timelapse!

Longterm timelapse project - Part I

Construction is happening all around us and it's happening so fast, we hardly notice it. Few people truly know what it takes to construct these buildings. Unless you can view it in a timelapse of course! This way everyone can appreciate the efforts going into such large projects especially if it takes 4 years to complete ;-)

Working on big projects like this means great challenges and great commitment from both the client and myself. With a joint venture between Zenprop & Growthpoint you can expect nothing but the best!! This marks the start of a 4 year property development program for Discovery's new headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their new offices in Sandton will also serve as the company's hub for their growing international business.

This development between Growthpoint & Zenprop will be one of their premier rental properties and Rudolf Pienaar (Divisional Director for Growthpoint) stated that this will be one of Sandton's most iconic landmarks.

I'm using advanced longterm timelapse systems to shoot the construction progress. There will be 3 cameras up, shooting from different directions. Earthworks are already underway in one part of the site. There are still existing buildings on the other part of the site which will be demolished before further construction will take place.

The past weather patterns didn't make it easy to set-up but thankfully the rain didn't last all day long and we were able to complete the installation process as planned. Part of my challenge is to make sure these cameras are set up to stand firm for 4 years and luckily it was easy enough to get to the roof with these heavy concrete blocks. Another camera was secured down with a custom bracket which will be moved to another location later on during the construction.

Our aim is to shoot the progress and construction activities from various angles throughout the development. Cam 1 will be locked down for 2 years, starting off by focusing on the demolishing process and the first stages of construction. After this period it will be moved to a different location to focus on other areas of the construction.

Cam 2 will also be static for 2 years whereafter it will be moved to another location on the opposite side of the construction site capturing all the activities from another angle as the development progress. Cam 3 will be put up as soon as the area becomes available within the next 2 to 3 weeks. This camera will stay static throughout the 4 year period.

I'm really curious to see how this development will take shape!

More info on the project can be found on eProp's website.
To find out more on longterm timelapse photography and cameras for your construction project, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now.

Stay in touch for a follow-up blog once camera #3 is installed.

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