Make this change to the RPM on the SMC

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After some valued & appreciated input from clients

As you all know by now, the first 10 proud owners of the Shukuma dolly received their units and started playing with their kits.  We have a few small glitches that crept in but NOTHING that can not be fixed or overcome.

The first suggestion I have for you all is to change the RPM of the motor!

I realized that the default setting for the SMC on both Axis 1 & 2 (Motor ports) are set to 8,75 RPM. I found that if you set this setting to 67 you will get better results, to get the full 0% to 100% results in Interleave (SMS) mode.

To change the RPM to 67:
Press the MENU/ENTER button go down to "Axis 1" press ENTER go down to RPM and ENTER again and now the UP button to go all the way to 67. You will notice by default it is set on 8.75 - Remember to press ENTER once you are at 67 to save the setting.

This will through out my theory of the rough estimate of 2% = 2mm and 5% = 5mm with the weight of a camera and head on the cart. It will give you better results on the motor speeds from 0% to 100%. 

Also, you can keep Axis 2 on 8.75 if you like and then just alter your motor DC barrel plug between the two ports, should you like to have both options.

Let me know if you need more assistance!