Motion control for the heavy weights

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Shukuma PRO - Realtime motorized video dolly

Motion control for the heavy weights

We've put together a short lttle video showing the features and capabilities of the Motion Control kit that we use.

The Shukuma PRO can do so much more than just shooting realtime video! It offers super smooth motion which can also be repeated until you are happy with your shot. This portable and heavy duty motorized dolly is available with an operator, complete with a hi-hat and cheese-plate allowing you to attach various accessories like filed monitors etc. The Shukuma PRO is a solid dolly and can easily carry 21kg or more and do vertical upwards dolly moves with ease.

Having the freedom to use different gearboxes with different speeds and torque will ensure that you get the perfect shot every time! The timelapse function on the Shukuma PRO is merely incidental. Setting key-frames, ramping and repeating your shots is a breeze. A pan-tilt head is also available for DSLR cameras.

For more details on our timelapse DP and Motion Control Rigging services check out this page! Don't hesitate to get in contact to obtain a price list for our service and dolly rigging for any production, anywhere...