Rigging dollies!!

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On set with Exit Films & Groundglass

Rigging dollies!!

Yes! We do work on commercial sets too!! And it's awesome to work with such talented people like director Marc Molloy and DOP Ryley Brown. What an interesting shoot it was; combining timelapse and stop motion ;-)

When Ryley Brown first made contact with us it was clear that he had some challenging requests and set-ups for the Shukuma DOLLY. As some of you might know, we are always up for a challenge! It was only by the grace of God that we were able to get the required amount of rails in South Africa - on time. I mean, 20m of track is not your usual timelapse set-up…

We first had to do some test shots on Sunday 9 June whereafter two recce days followed. Shooting started on 13 June then it was non-stop action all the way!! The brief was "everybody loves the sunshine" and so it was off to an exciting start at Monte Casino. The goal was to chase the sunlight, if you wish. The idea behind the advert was to portray how much people (and plants) love the sunshine and are always following it, trying to soak up the warming rays of the sun.

The locations was carefully selected and included a few spots in Johannesburg mid-city (at 4am in the morning you can be sure to find rats on the streets in this dodgy area :-| Rooftops, lobby's and parks all formed part of the background settings. Durban beaches and sidewalks offered an even wider variety of scenes and there was a number of models and extras throughout the shoot, who also received some challenging requests. Who knows wether this was requested by Mark or Ryley though.

This commercial consists of nothing but timelaspe, combined with stop-motion. I'm not sure if this has been done before but we are really looking forward to see the end result of this commercial for Lindeman's wines. This is to be aired in Australia, where the wine is also produced. Best of all, the advert was shot entirely on the Shukuma DOLLY :-D This was a first for TimeLapse SA and so was smashing records with a 15m motorised timelapse track!!

We are really pleased with the performance of the Shukuma DOLLY and I believe the director and DOP are equally pleased. If we had more tripods we definitely would have done 20m…

It was great to work with Groundglass productions from Cape Town and Exit Films from Australia! The teams all proved to be hard working and devoted to produce a fantastic commercial. Assistant Director, Vinca Cox and 2nd Assistant Director, Emile Smith also had their noses to the grindstone everyday and I still admire everyone's patience!!

Stay connected as we will certainly share this commercial once the editing is complete. I'm sure everyone involved is keen to see the final results ;-) Be sure to contact us for any such assignments and check out our stock library too.

We too love the sunshine ;-)

PS: move...move...move...

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