Tango & Timelapse

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Timelapse stock featuring in a new movie - Die Laaste Tango

Tango & Timelapse

Die Laaste Tango is a newly released local feature film, written and directed by non other than the award wining crime writer, Deon Meyer.
This film is perfectly scripted, always keeping you intrigued. Filled with good humour, lots of suspense and some heated romance - not the cliche type! And of course there is THE tango...

A little town called Loxton in the Karoo presented the perfect background for this authentic story, produced by the Karoo Film Company. The dusty streets with dimmed street lights replaced the dance studio at night for tango practicing with Antoinette Louw, playing Ella Winter and Louw Venter as Hercules De Wet.

This overworked detective crossed the line when trying to arrest a serial killer. To avoid suspension he is sent away to "go rest" while investigating another crime in that area. And that's where Ella comes into the picture. With a burning desire to dance the tango one last time while struggling to count off the last days of her life, she is persistent to teach the stubborn detective how to tango.

King Cobra (Rob van Vuuren) is definitely one of my favourite characters and the film just wouldn't have been the same without his sleazy personality...

So why am I blogging about this new film, you wonder? We'll, we were pretty stoked when Deon Meyer contacted us to feature one of our timelapse clips in the movie :-D On top of that, we were also invited to the Premiere at Menlyn, Pretoria. What a privilege it was to attend this event and what a surreal feeling to see one of your shots featured in this movie!

If you haven't seen the movie yet, be sure to watch it! Look out for the setting moon in the film - that's our shot ;-) I'm pretty sure that Deon and the Karoo Film company will stun us again with more fantastic films in the feature!!