The BTS video !!!

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The Time Lapse Expedition weekend - 8 to 10 Feb

The BTS video !!!

I think this short video just about sums up the GREAT weekend we had!
The only thing it doesn't show is how everyone scrambled at 4am on the Saturday morning when the thunderstorm was upon us... Trying to rescue 9 cameras in the dark before it gets drenched in rain!

And of course, the cooking show from "Le Andre"... But perhaps that should be part of the deleted scenes ;-)

A HUGE thank you to Nanette from Handmade Media that compiled this short BTS video for us.
I could not stop laughing when I watched this, well edited and really well done. 

Another big thanks to Sean from Shoots Imaging that thought it wise to bring along this great "camera woman" for the weekend. Wise man indeed :-)

Well worth a watch - even twice! Look closely and pay attention - if you blink you'll miss something funny.

Once again; thank you and great work Nanette!