The Shukuma PRO is here!!

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Motion Controlled, Real-time video and Timelapse dolly

The Shukuma PRO is here!!

It is with great excitement that we share theses images of the Shukuma PRO with you! It took way longer than expected to get the PRO dolly out but now it's here and it's here with a WOW ;-)

This dolly is so much more than just a motorised timelaspe dolly…

The Shukuma PRO offers superb stability and super smooth motion for real-time video as well as motorised video. It offers the option to use it as a motorised timelaspe dolly and you have various options in changing motors gearboxes for different performance and results.

Like the Shukuma DOLLY it is also extendable. Another great feature is that the PRO cart comes with 3/8" and 1/4" holes to mount a number of different accessories such as a field monitor and more. It fits a 100mm or 150mm bowl Hi-hat and with the impoved motor and gearbox selection this dolly will have no trouble carrying a heavy camera like a RED or Sony F55 and even carry this load vertical.

Notice the very smooth stainless steel rods the cart wheels run on, for very smooth real-time video dollying.

The Shukuma PRO is available for rental with an operator for any commercial, feature film or natural history productions. Contact me for more info now!

This is a cracker video slider and dolly :-D
NOTE: This dolly is not even close to fully kitted yet. Be sure to follow the progress of this amazing PRO motion controlled dolly.

pro dolly 1