A timelapse for Everite building products

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A short outdoor construction timelapse project

A timelapse for Everite building products

What's the fastest you've ever seen a house being built? I bet you haven't seen it THIS fast yet!

We recently did a different kind of "longterm" timelapse project where, instead of shooting for a few months or even a few years, we had to shoot for 2 days continuously. Everite Building Products wanted us to capture them building a Siporex show house with autoclaved aerated concrete to demonstrate how fast and easy it is to build such a house. By using advanced building technologies Everite constructed a permanent dwelling in just 2 days! Given this was the very first time to build such a structure, turn-around time could very well double with a bit of practise.

Over the two day period while we had a static camera firing continuously, we did additional filler shots to use within the final video.
During these "demo days" there were quite a number of people around to watch and participate in building this first ever sample of a low-cost housing structure built with aerated concrete. Everite Building Products, a subsidiary of Group Five, will be opening their own factory in the near future to manufacture these products for local usage and distribution.

Be sure to watch the video and see a house being built in no time at all! Everite Building Products did a mighty fine and mighty fast job to do just that!

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