What a shocking discovery!

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The Shukuma DOLLY was designed by ME

I was totally blown away a few minutes ago after I saw an article by a South African engineering company (whose name I will not yet reveal).  Apparently they "assisted" me in building and designing the Shukuma DOLLY.....!!!
They are one of my 21 suppliers for ONE item ONLY and are suppliers ONLY! They did not design or engineer a single thing for me, except to sell me an item that is being used on the dolly.

I would like to take this opportunity and let you ALL know it is NOT true and I WILL take this matter seriously and keep you posted.

All planning, designing, sketching, testing, and what-ever-else was done by me and only me. With inspiration from the current Dynamic Perception model, based in Texas USA, my design came about which is now called the Shukuma DOLLY.

No engineer was involved with any of the designing of the Shukuma DOLLY. I did make use of an engineer for the CNC work but it certainly was not this company that is now claiming they did it.

Below a copy of the e-mail I sent them:

Hi Kerstin

I appreciate the article and know you like to only get your business up and make yourself look good too, HOWEVER you can not do it by giving false and misleading information.


I would like to have this been removed or you can amend the articles and share the true version.  I did contact you way in the beginning to possibly supply me with profiles and you could not do that as the profile I was looking for are not made by your suppliers.  You only supply me with the wheels and you are more that welcome to say that as that is the truth.


I hope we can solve this issue promptly, forget about it and have a new start and do business together in the future on an honest basis.


I trust that you will agree that false statements have been made and that the truth will be told.

Looking forward to your response.

Joe Louw

Thereza, please take note of the above correspondence as discussed, should further action be needed with regards to your legal services.