Longterm timelapse project - Part II

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A short, very short teaser video of this massive project

Longterm timelapse project - Part II

Earlier this year we blogged about an exciting longterm timelapse project happening In Sandton, Johannesburg. Timelapse is such a great way to show how these incredible projects are taking place and exactly what it takes to develop such astounding architecture.

As mentioned in Part I, camera 3 is now also installed and firing away while mean man-made machines are eating away the earth, making way for new concrete structures. A growing city in a growing country needs growing buildings, economy and infrastructure. Through this all we get to document this fascinating, yet almost daunting process.

It's just incredible to see how it's all done!

So, to share some of the buzz with you, have a look at this teaser video of what's going on behind those "construction in progress" signs. Enjoy!

longterm timelapse p2 cam 1

longterm timelapse p2 cam 2

longterm timelapse p2 cam 3