Motorised jibs, cranes and other gadgets

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Going the extra mile!

Motorised jibs, cranes and other gadgets

With the way technology goes there are always new things, new ideas, new gadgets and who knows what else in demand. Better this, better that! Never seen before, never been filmed before, techniques never been used before. And so the list goes on! Maybe the news that we have to share with you is not that extreme but we sure are pretty stoked about it. We have two new very exciting things on the TimeLapse SA forefront...

Firstly, with ongoing development for my own types of motion control moves, I am super excited to let you know we can now motorise any crane or jib! Yes, that's right! Motorised cranes and jibs. We can now do timelapse shots on a crane or jib, big or small, and we can even do repeat moves too :-D

This all started last year while working on the Lindemans Wine commercial. The DP and Director wanted to move a big light on a crane over a time period of 5 min. recreating the rays of the sun rising, peaking through windows down into a lobby where a man sat reading a newspaper. For this commercial the light was moved manually during shooting time. Now this can be done motorised! This pulley can be mounted on any of my powerful motors to lift up or dip a crane, at a consistent speed in shoot move shoot mode or continuos mode. The moves can either be slow or fast, depending on your preference. I'm very excited about this!

The other great news is that I have had the privilege of playing around with this awesome device the past few days - the Ramper Pro from Elysia Visuals. What a great controller! It's no wonder it's described as the most advanced timelapse controller in the world! Personally I think this is a must-have for any serious timelapse photographer. If you are serious about your timelapse and want to take your shooting to the next level, get the Ramper Pro! This is not just another bulb-ramper or day-to-night controller, it's way more than that. It allows you to do night to day transitions, control two cameras at the same time, control stepper motors and so much more.

I must say, it's a bit of learning curve right now but totally worth it.
I will be doing an in-depth review of this timelapse controller soon, so stick around. And no, I don't get paid to say this ;-)

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