BRAND NEW FROM BRINNO - BCC2000 kit, Now in HD 1920x1080 - Limited stock NOW in !!!

Brinno Construction timelapse camera HD R12,500.00

Longterm construction project recording / BCC2000 Construction timelapse camera KIT - Now in FULL HD 1920x1080


Bring long term jobsite monitoring to the next level

The construction trio bundle pack Brinno BCC2000 gives all the components you need to shoot truly professional-quality outdoor project video.

The Brinno EMPOWER time lapse camera delivers superior Full HD HDR images; the extended Power Housing further strengthens the long lasting outdoor photographing functionality. The versatile Clamp Mount Kit enables any shooting angle of your choice in open space

Offering the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance, the Pack makes months or yearlong hassle-free jobsite monitoring a genuine reality.

Thanks to Brinno's instant video technology you will have a complete video immediately after shooting. No editing needed. On top of that, you can even change the lens! There's a variety of interchangeable lenses available for the TLC2000, whatever your needs.

brinno bcc 2000

More info:
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Brinno official site |
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Supplied Accessories:

HDR TimeLapse Camera (TLC2000)
onstruction Power Housing (ATH2000)
Clamp Mount Kit (ACC1000)
Data USB cable
8GB micro SD Card and card reader
2 AA Batteries
Lens Cover
User Manual

"KIT PRICE" (Contact-us for bulk discount on 10 or more)


Field of View
Capture Modee
Time Lapse, Step Video, Stop Motion, Still Photo
LCD Screen
microSD/ microSDHC/ microSDXC
Power Source
2 AA Batteries DC IN 5V 1A (USB-C connector)
Operating Temperature
32°F ∼ 113°F(0°C ∼ 45°C)
Size (WxHxD)
2.4x 2.8x 1.7 in (60x 70.6x 42.4 mm)
3.0 oz(87.5 g) (without battery)
IPX5 (weather resistant)
Compatible Cameras
TLC200, TLC200Pro, TLC120, TLC130, TLC2000
Battery Slot
Room for up to 16 add'l AA batteries Micro USB connecter (output 5V 2A)
Exchangeable Lens Covers
Kit lens cover Extension lens cover (for Brinno BCS lens)
6.6 x 6.1 x 4.5 in (167x156x115.5 mm)
14 oz (393 g)
Camera Clamp; Magic Arm
Camera Mount Screw
¼ inch
Clamping Range
Tube: 0.4- 3.5 in (10 - 90 mm) & Flat surface: 0.04- 3.5 in (1 -90 mm)
Magic Arm Load Capacity
6.6 lb (3 KG)
Clamp Load Capacity
110 lb (50 KG) (without extension pole)
Size (LxWxH)
Folded: 8.2x 3.7x 1.5 in (209x 94x 39 mm) & Extended: 6.9x 7.1x 2.4 in (176x 180x 60 mm)
26.5 oz (750 g) (included magic arm)
Clamp: Stainless, aluminum & Magic Arm: Stainless, metal, aluminum

Battery Life - The battery life depends on different interval setting:

Time interval: 1 sec / Days: 0.8
Time interval: 2 sec / Days: 4.1
Time interval: 5 sec / Days: 8.8
Time interval: 10 sec / Days: 12.3
Time interval: 20 sec / Days: 45.1
Time interval: 30 sec / Days: 61.5
Time interval: 1 min / Days: 103.3
Time interval: 5 min / Days: 270.6
Time interval: 10 min / Days: 328
Time interval: 1 Hr / Days: 377.2
Time interval: 4 Hr / Days: 377.2
Time interval: 24 Hr / Days: 377.2

The estimated battery life shown on the above tables is tested with brand new AA Alkaline batteries (TLC2000: 2 pcs, ATH2000: 16 pcs, a total of 18 pcs AA batteries, battery brand: TOSHIBA LR6GCNN).
All info bassed of the offical Brinno web-site

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