With an installation project that is estimated to take about 4 or 5 months, you know it's going to be a big one!
And it's even better if your client wishes to use not 1, not 2 but 4 cameras to capture such an incredible project. Given the fact that it's one of the biggest once-off installations to date, you can understand the importance for everyone involved.

Some interesting facts on the project:

  • Manufacturing lead time: 5 Weeks
  • Racking: 840 tons of raw material
  • Structural Mezzanine: 85 tons of raw material
  • Fixings: 206,200
  • Uprights rolled: 34,300m
  • Bracing rolled: 31,000m
  • Beams rolled: 112,600m
  • Over 14,500 timber decks installed
  • Over 1000 bays of shelving installed
  • 14,490 Shelf Dividers
  • 1,740 sqm of Structural Steel Mezzanine
  • 7,625 sqm of Rack supported Mezzanine
  • Installation: 18 Weeks


Executive Producer: Racklock
Produced by: TimeLapse SA
Directed by: Joe Louw / Jonelle Louw
DP: Joe Louw
Offline editing & colour grading: Jonelle Louw
Online editing & Graphics: Nanette Grebe - Handmade Media