What a pleasure it was to work with Black Envelope Films!
For this TV Commercial we had to set up a 10m motorised dolly as it was important to do super fast moves and to repeat them with precision. Of course that’s no problem for the Shukuma PRO - not even when carrying a kitted RED DRAGON ;-) 

This little girl had so much fun running around in her pink tutu! There were loads of Green Screen work and we had to do a lot of clean plates too. It’s only once the FX work is completed that one can appreciate the full picture yet few people will truly understand the hours and hours of hard work that goes into productions.

From sourcing such a creative team, building the set, getting the perfect talents with make-up and wardrobe, the set design, lights and props to the director, dop, focus puller, grips, assistant director and those who’s not even on set. Each one with a very important task! It’s always astounding to see what a bunch of creative people can come up with when you put them together in a dusty old warehouse!

Well done!


Post Producer: Craig Morton
Post Producer: Danielle Fanti
Production: Black Envelope 
Producer: Ashleigh Nash
Director: Michael Kolbe
DOP: William Collinson
VFX: Bladeworks
Motion control Grips/Rigging: TimeLapse SA