SEYCHELLES PROMO REEL - Showcasing Tropical Island Stock Footage

What a fantastic location!! The Seychelles is everything you could ever dream of and so much more!
A while back we visited the Seychelles for our honeymoon - 13 years later… Totally worth the wait!! We loved every second of it and just knew we had to go back to do a stock shoot of all these beautiful beaches and unforgettable seascapes. Little did we know that this would come true much sooner than anticipated.

It took intensive planning and research, trying our utmost to ensure as best we can that this shoot will be a valuable one. Not just a trip with good memories but coming back with a great gallery. After all, this time it wasn’t a honeymoon fairytale. This time we had to put our noses to the grindstone and maximise the amount of shots we could get in the limited time on the islands. Not to mention the tons of extra gear we had to take. You simply can’t afford to get stuck without back-ups when you’re in the middle of an ocean on a tropical island…

The only thing we couldn’t prepare for is weather. Shooting timelapse always seems to present its own challenges. Although it might not look like it, we were affected quite a bit by the Berguitta Cyclone which was rated as a class 3 tropical storm that struck Mauritius pretty badly. Thankfully rainy days had its up side too as it meant we could manage data and do important back-ups while sipping some Takamaka rum.

During our visit to the granitic islands we were fortunate to spend time on the main island, Mahé whereafter we went island hopping to the second largest island, Praslin. From there we moved on to laid-back La Digue, popped over to Curieuse where we filmed the giant free roaming tortoises and finished off in style on Silhouette island.
We would have loved to film more of the postcard beaches on La Digue with the iconic giant rock boulders but sadly weather didn’t allow it. It’s also incredibly unreal to see how much the beaches and seascapes changes form one season to the next. While you have a picture in your head from what you saw during your first visit, that picture will be completely different in another season. For everything, there is a season and it certainly applies to the beaches of Seychelles as they constantly shift back and forth.

To conclude; the Seychelles is truly spectacular! The best way to describe it would be to visit it yourself.
For photographers and filmmakers, it’s the only time when it’s acceptable to be drinking cocktails on the job! Or is it…?


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Timelapse & Stop Motion: 4K / 25p
Realtime Video: HD / slow motion - 50p
GoPro: UHD / 25p

A handful of shots might have been used to compliment the creative edit (such as the BTS bloopers at the end), although not available on stock.
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To everyone listed below; thank you!! From providing contact details, car rentals, location and weather tips, allowing us to shoot some food or cocktails in your restaurant. Whatever it was or however you helped us, we truly appreciate it! The extra flowers and cocktail decorations, letting us choose our own glasses and setting up our own tables. No matter how big or small it might seem, this shoot would have been much more difficult without your help and advice. Also, the friendly staff at Hilton who were completely baffled with guests “taking over their own breakfast table for a photo shoot”, when all they want to do is to serve us… Or making the housekeeping staff a little uneasy by being around to take photos while prepping a special bath. We know you are there to serve us, but by assisting us with requests for pastry baskets or champagne glasses, your help was more valued than you serving us as guests.

To all the random tourists who wasn’t always quite sure what we were up to, we are just filmmakers hanging out, being our own kind of special!
To those who were kind enough to hang around for a while, not walk through a shot and allowed us a few minutes extra to also capture empty beaches, thank you!
We are grateful that we could capture beaches with and without people.
Thank you!!

We highly recommend all of you!!


Produced by: TLSA Productions ta Timelapse SA
Directed by: Joe Louw/Jonelle Louw
Timelapse DP: Joe Louw
Video: Jonelle Louw
Colour grading: Jonelle Louw
Offline & Online editing: Marike Steenkamp - Handmade Media