We are ecstatic to share our first ever timelapse short film with you!
During January and February 2015 we returned to the Karoo. This time around we had a purpose! Apart from always looking for a reason to travel, we wanted to create a story. Not just another collection of timelapse landscapes...

We set out on this personal assignment which we've been planning since January 2014. We worked strictly with a story board and had very specific shots to get. Good continuity is so important and it was quite challenging for us to shoot accordingly, making sure our shots flow from one to the next. It's even more difficult because you don't work in a controlled environment. Since nature has its own way, you can't change the lights or reshoot the action. You've only got one chance! You're time is so limited, until the moment is gone forever.

It has been an incredible journey to produce this film. While the shooting is always the most fun part, it's the processing that brings the final product together. The latter is of course much more time consuming than anyone could imagine. Even more so when you need to keep clients happy at the same time ;-) It's been extremely difficult to balance our time between personal projects and the abundance of work we've been blessed with to finalise the editing. Sorry it took so long...

To read all about our travels and trip details, be sure to head over to "The BTS story of Where We'll Go". You can also read the "Where We'll Go - Just released!" blog if you haven't done so already. There are loads of BTS images and more on Instagram.


My wife:

  • For helping me carry all the heavy equipment!
  • For helping me planning shots and setting up.
  • And for always making me laugh!
  • Also, for documenting the trip via Instagram


  • Music is so important!! We can get so hyped up about awesome music and it just inspires us to create stuff and get out to shoot!!
  • We just love to recognise other peoples' talents and it makes it so much more rewarding when you have incredible music to compliment you story.
  • Surely these images will not have the same effect on you without the music!
  • Amotz Plessner you've been blessed with incredible talent!

Voice over & Recording:

  • A really "special thanks" goes out to Janno Müller from On-Key Recording studios from superb assistance and directing with the recording of our voice over. You have an awesome studio and your time and efforts are much appreciated!
  • To David Sherwood; thank you! It was a pleasure working with you and you quickly picked up on what we wanted. You were great!

Let's not delay you any further!