EVERITE - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete House

WOW! This was such an interesting project that we worked on for Everite Building Products.
For this 2 day timelapse project we had to capture how easy and fast buildings can be constructed by using advanced building technologies with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. Everite constructed a permanent dwelling in just 2 days! Given this was the very first time to build such a structure, turn-around time could very well double with a bit of practise.

Everite Building Products, a subsidiary of Group Five, invited a number of contractors to witness and take part in the construction of this permanent dwelling. They will also be opening their own factory in the near future to manufacture these products for local usage and distribution. This is the first sample of such a low-cost housing structure to be built with aerated concrete. Other buildings and even hotels can also be built with these advanced building technologies.

A few interesting statistics from the project:

  • Total time spent on superstructure: 12 hours
  • Square meterage of building: 41m2
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels used: 61
  • Total weight of panels: +/- 7500kg
  • And much more which can be seen in the final video


Executive Producer: Everite
Produced by: Timelapse SA
Directed by: Joe Louw / Jonelle Louw
DP: Joe Louw
Offline editing & colour grading: Jonelle Louw
Online editing & Graphics: Nanette Grebe - Handmade Media