CROWN PAINTS - Drums and Dreams

In February 2014 I headed out to Kenya along with the guys from RedOne Africa and Visual Air Productions. I had to rig the Shukuma PRO with a RED for repeat motion and at a fast speed for specific SFX work.

Filming in Kenya naturally means that gear is very limited so the only way to shoot productions of this caliber is to fly with everything…. Between all of us we had a crap ton of gear! Apart from the RED with all accessories, my motion controlled dolly, tripods and other general filming gear, it also included an RC Helicopter for some very important aerial shots.

The processing and SFX work took quite some time but it sure paid off in the end! When the client is happy, everyone else is happy too :-D


Executive Producer: Alison @ al is on production
Client: Crown Paints
Agency: OGILVY - Kenya
SFX Supervisor: Julien Vanhoenacker @ POST BKK
Director: Vittorio Badini
DOP: Rene Richter
Motion control rigging: TimeLapse SA