It's complete!

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Camera & Dolly Power Pack

It's complete!

The new 12V 7.2 Ah with built-in dummy battery is now complete! Yes, this is totally worth a blog because you can now power your camera and/or dolly with continuos power for long periods of time.
No more changing batteries during astro-lapses every 2 hours or so and you can shoot multiple daytime shots, even over a few days.

This battery was developed after many requests for non-stop power such as my first 12V Pelican Case I built a while back. Due to the high costs and labour intensiveness it was just not viable to offer a similar product. After much planning and testing I eventually came up with an affordable alternative.

This Camera & Dolly Power Pack works with both Canon and Nikon brands, however you can not use the same battery for different camera brands. You will also get a dummy battery and cable which match your camera model as this varies from model to model.

To test these batteries we did a 17 hour shot on a fully charged battery with an exposure of 25 sec, with the image review on, all while powering a camera and dolly at the same time. This means you can get over 2000 shots before charging your battery.

If you already ordered your battery, be sure to come and collect it as soon as possible ;-)