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No more changing batteries during the night!!

Great Great NEWS

After being bombarded with requests for battery power such as my “Ultimate 12V Pelican Case” I have super exciting news to share with you....

I found an affordable way to help you out in shooting timelapse with continuous power for long periods of time!!!!

I will build a battery system onto a 12V 7,2aH battery with a dummy battery for your specific camera, which can power your camera and a dolly (if you have one). All at a very affordable price!

The totally awesome news is that you can now power your camera AND dolly simultaneously throughout the whole night! You could also just power your camera alone and/or power your dolly, should you choose to do so. If you are planning on getting a dolly in the future you will already have the ultimate battery power that you need.

There will be options available for both Canon and Nikon cameras as they require different amps and volts etc. Take note that you will not be able to use the same battery for different camera brands, as they differ from each other. Nikon pack will not work on Canon and vice versa.

After doing tests on this system, I came to the conclusion that you can take more than 2000 shots @ 25sec exposure lengths, plus use the image review after each shot (which is essential for holy grail shooting)! At the same time you can power your dolly all with one fully charged 12V 7,2aH battery. After the 2000 shots I still had 30% battery power left. That is more than 15hours of uninterrupted power. Please note: Your battery MUST be charged with the correct charger for these results.

So save your normal camera batteries for when you want to shoot in the morning when your night shot is completed. This way you will still have power to take advantage of the early morning light. Oh yes! Did I mention that you will now be able to sleep at night and no more getting up 2 or 3 times a night to change batteries in the dark....

Result: Milky Way shooting just got a whole lot easier :-)

Have a look at these images on what the system will look like and place your order now. The kits will sell for R3,500 each and will include everything you see on the image. The dummy battery must be specified for your specific camera with your order.
All the electronics to convert the 12V power (from this bigger battery) to the correct volts and amps for each specific camera is built into the cap of this 12V battery, making this a very compact solution. 

The first 20 orders will get R500 OFF as part of the "opening special". Once the demand for these batteries are high enough, we will add it onto our product list and have it as a regular stocked item.

The items needed to build one of these kits must be imported as the DC-DC converter (that take care to give your camera the correct voltage power) are non existing in SA, specifically these small ones that fit into the battery cover. The converters that are available in SA are very big and bulky and is very expensive. The dummy batteries or camera cable will also be imported as the ones available in SA are very expensive and stock is a huge problem.

I will start with a minimum order of 20 batteries and your order must be confirmed with a deposit of R1,000. Production will only proceed once there is 15 buyers so make sure any potential interested people are aware of this new battery. The sooner I have the minimum order, the sooner I will order the items and start manufacturing these batteries. 
I suggest you get in contact with my ASAP to confirm your order and benefit of the 1st order discount, and still get batteries out to you all before the winter is over and the best part of the Milky Way not being visible anymore ;-)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for more info and to confirm your order before your power runs out.

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