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Harddrive space and data storage for timelapse

G-Tech equipment

Yes this is looking very intimidating, but when it comes to timelapse and 4K video files you don't mess around! Storage space and speed has never been this important.

I have always been a big fan of quality products. I'd rather wait and save longer for something good than to get anything just because I need something now. The good old saying “I am to poor to buy cheap!” Plus, harddrives might be replaceable but data isn't. With G-tech harddrives I have had a very pleasant experience indeed.

I started using G-Tech drives in 2009. Due to the demand for bigger, faster and reliable harddrives for our timelapse workflow, we recently improved our G-Technology harddrive selection. I invested in the Thunderbolt G-Tech 4TB RAID Pro which allows you to almost get SSD harddrive speed but with a LARGE capacity. As you might know, getting a 4TB SSD (which doesn't even exist) or to combine drives to get up to 4TB with a few SSD’s, is going to cost you more than an entry level MacPro! This 4TB Thunderbolt drive is a monster. It can read/write at 440MB/s and works really well as a fast working drive and to sore my large rendered video files on. We also got a few of the G-Tech 1TB portable external drives. I use these drives as back-up drives for my clients to keep all their video files and data on a drive dedicated to each client.

The new "ev drives" series are great for Jonelle and I to swap around large amounts of data at once. It's simple and fast to swap out the small portable drives from my dock to her dock and to still have the advantage of high speed thunderbolt when connected via the dock. The great thing is, these drives can also be taken to location when we are out and about in the field and can be used without the dock via USB3.
It's perfect to transfer data to the drives when on shoots and once we are back in the office we just put the drive back in the dock and can start working immediately (after making a back-up of course ;-)

G-tech is by far my preferred choice of hard drive. No one can afford to mess around with data and I'm not willing to compromise with other non-reliable drives. Plus, it's got the added bonus of looking pretty neat too :-)
I am grateful for quality and technology from G-tech harddrives for making my timelapse life with storage and speed requirements a little more pleasant.