Lee Filters for timelapse

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A lifelong dream that came true

Lee Filters for timelapse

For years I have been dreaming about owning a PROPER set of filters, like the Lee Filter set and to have a variety of ND's and Grad ND's. After years of dreaming about it and realising the extreme importance to shoot with filters and use top quality filters, it finally became a reality.

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Just a quick amendment to this blog post; this was already written a few weeks ago, ready for publishing todat the 11th of June. Before this was publish we heard the very sad news about the passing of Marieann. We would just like to take this opportunity to share our condolences and pray for strength for her family at this time.

Marieann was a wonderful person and the few times that we spoke over the phone and in person I saw a very energetic and friendly person who was always helpful. You will surely be missed at the Lee filter offices.

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I eventually managed to save up a bit of money and just recently got myself this complete filter kit - in time for our next trip to Namibia later this year!

Those of you that know me personally will know that I am one of those kind of people that, when it comes to photographic equipment, I like to buy directly from B&H particularly because they have anything and everything. And more! With this set of filters it was a different story though. I bought my set of Lee filters directly from CamQuip - right here in Johannesburg. I had a very pleasant and professional experience and service from Brendan and Marieann.

I first went to see them a few months ago with my ideas of items that I need. Brendan paid close attention to my needs and also explained everything to me about the Lee products. Two hours later I knew a whole lot more than when I first walked in there... So I gave them my wish list and with a few emails later everything was finalised. This also meant that I had quite a budget cut out for me!

They kept my stock aside until my last savings came in. What a feeling to have this full kit of Lee Filters!
When I collected my filters Brendan took another hour of his time to show me my new kit and explain all the "know-abouts".

I am a firm believer in shooting things right. I just don't believe in "fix it in post"! I've been using ND filters and grad ND's since forever and now that we shoot with prime lenses, it's totally pointless in sticking a cheap filter in front of Zeiss glass...

So now we are ready to rock on with quality glass and resin filters on prime lenses! I can't wait to get out shooting with all of this during our next film in October in Namibia :-D
We will tell you more about this film soon enough but for know we will tell you that it will be a "2-part" film. For this film we want to visit this exciting location twice in order to shoot all the shots we need to get.

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We are in the process of getting our latest Karoo film "Where We'll Go" into post mode as the timelapse shots are getting rendered one by one. We are supper excited with the results that's coming out and it's looking great!