The plans for 2013

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2012 comes to an END - looking forward to 2013

The plans for 2013

So, the year is at it's last day and I can only say that it’s been a very tough year but a good one! From traveling with the prototype dolly (it’s never been officially named) last year December, to producing the Shukuma DOLLY and MINI, as well as the PRO to be launched shortly. Not to mention the other million things that happened and was achieved this year. I feel proud!

This blog is also to discuss a few plans for the new year and the future at TimeLapse SA. But before I do, here is a shot of the last image we took during our studio session of all the product shots. This is ALL the parts that goes into ONE Shukuma DOLLY...


The plans are as follows:

First; I would like to have a fast production run for 2013 and it looks like I might just be able to do that.


Second; the time lapse workshops are going to kick off in full force and there will be plenty of dates scheduled.


Third; the timelapse expedition will happen early Feb 2013. see this post on thombeSAFARI


Fourth; Gunther Wegner from LRTimelapse is coming to South Africa in April next year and we will travel together to Namibia shooting some timelapse. In early May we will have a workshop in JHB, PTA and in CT. Dates are as follows: PTA - 7 May / JHB 8 May / CT 10 May.  Details to follow in the New Year.


Fifth; hopefully (thumbs-fully) TimeLapse SA will have an online shop toward the end of the year and ready to receive payments via credit card and Paypal.


Sixth; renting prices and units will be finalized and availability should be less limited in the future.


Seventh; if I can find enough time through the madness I would really like to add many more videos on the website.  Some great product videos is top of the list!


Eighth; the Shukuma PRO will be launched officially in 2013! I am really excited about this new video slider with additional timelapse features.


The Shukuma PRO will mainly be a video slider that can also be used as a time lapse dolly. This dolly will have a brand new controller and will be working with a stepper motor. I’m anxious to share more about it...


And who knows what else will be happening 2013!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one for their trusted support in 2012 and making it a rocking good year!!  Without you, TimeLapse SA would only be a website.


Your comments, suggestions and feedback is greatly appreciated so be sure to send me a quick mail or message.  I would love to hear about your shooting experience with the Shukuma DOLLY or Shukuma MINI. And send me some photos too!


I'm kinda hoping to give some of my suppliers the boot since they are holding me back in business, product delivery and customer service.  As always, I’ll try my best to make the most out of it and continue to offer the best product and support possible.


Thank you for being understanding when things have been a bit slow or slightly complicated when trying to assemble and operate your dollies without proper instructions or tutorials. I truly appreciate your support and patience while you grew TimeLapse SA with me!!


Lastly, Jonelle and I would like to wish you all a very successful 2013 and happy timelapsing all year long!  If you haven't started with time lapse yet and it’s in your plans, 2013 is your year so go and get started!


Looking forward to an action packed 2013 - be blessed!