The PRO Dolly out in the field

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Shooting a video to show the PRO dolly's performance

The PRO Dolly out in the field

Since this is the very first post for 2014 we would like to wish you all a prosperous New Year and we hope that 2014 will bring you lots of happiness :-)

With that we would like to tell you a bit more of this awesome PRO Dolly which we use when rigging on commercials and other productions - it's way more than just a motorised timelapse dolly.

Also, you might have heard about the SCYO….. Well, we would like to confirm that the SCYO is indeed a NEW dolly!

So, out of the blue we decided to make a short video featuring the PRO dolly and its capabilities, mostly the super SMOOTH real-time motorised video functions. The timelapse function is merely incidental but man! Are we impressed evermore with the performance of this dolly!

Our aim with this video was to showcase the functionalities and performance of the PRO dolly and use this for marketing material to promote our rigging and timelapse DP services. So if you're a producer, director or DP wanting to add some proper real-time video moves to your next production, you know where to find us!

This is the real deal!! A portable and heavy duty motion controlled dolly complete with hi-hat and cheese-plate. From real-time video, a video slider to timelapse dolly and more. The PRO dolly is solid and steady and the results are super smooth! With a carry load of 11kg and higher, in a vertical position, upwards… Just imagine what you can do!

Setting key-frames, ramping your shots and repeating them is a breeze with the PRO dolly. You can also use different gearboxes for different speeds and strength to get that ultimate shot.

On a different topic, we are very excited to let you know that we will be launching a brand new dolly soon!
The SCYO dolly… Shukuma Create Your Own.
Watch this space for more!

Have a look at some BTS shots from our promotional shoot of the PRO dolly.
Contact Joe now for a rigging and/or DP quote.

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