The Shukuma PRO out on testing

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At last the 3 musketeers, just like I wanted them!

The Shukuma PRO out on testing

The Shukuma DOLLY for the serious photographer, Shukuma MINI for the consumer photographer and now the Shukuma PRO for the PRO filmmaker.

WOW! 31 days left 'till we all sit around a fire and think back at what the year brought to us. Some, like me, might say where the heck has the year gone to??

Well, for me and with the support from my wife, we got 3 dollies built and designed to cater for everyone in SA. This is not my last post for the year to wrap up everything that happened yet, because there is still soooooooooo much to do before the 14th of Dec. This is instead a quick update to say that the PRO is out on testing - as we speak (or as you read this)!

Herbert Brauer, natural history filmmaker and good friend of our's is out now testing the prototype of the Shukuma PRO in Pafuri.  We're anxiously awaiting feedback from his trip and his findings with this slider...

The development of the PRO took almost all of the year and now it's on the first test drive. Lets hope Herbert can bring some great shots back like some of my shots I got in the Kalahari in April for Living ON

I will tell you more about the PRO later but it's going to be more a video slider than the other two dollies available. The PRO will also see a brand NEW controller since it's going to work with a stepper motor. Currently it's still on a DC motor but will be upgraded to a stepper motor soon. This unit will be available, as is, for rent by Feb 2013.

A new post will follow soon about all the many happenings at TimeLapse SA and currently I have a few deadlines and dollies to produce. Make sure to check back to the site SOON as we have a huge product shoot coming up. The gallery will also be updated and images of the final Shukuma DOLLY, the NEW Shukuma MINI, the prototype Shukuma PRO, dolly bags, solar panels, rain covers and more will all be added. 

I am tooooooo excited to even go to sleep as there is just soooo much happening :-D

O yes, here some pics of the first workshop we had on the 20th of November. It turned out to be very successful day and much was learnt by all who attended. Trying to cramp everything that I've learnt about timelapse in more then 2 years into their brains was hard but fun!

the pro out on testing 1