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The stuff we do…

As you might know by now we work on a variety of different productions. We travel anywhere, wether local or abroad. There are countless ways that you can incorporate timelapse into any production and with the new Shukuma PRO there are even more ways to produce top quality productions, no matter how big or small!

Because of our intense love for nature this is where we love to shoot most - the more remote the better. Facing the elements and being surrounded by nature is what we live for and this is where our Natural History background comes from.

Construction timelapse projects offers a different kind of challenge yet there is so many ways to produce a complete timelapse reel on what exactly is happening on your mine or any construction site. This can also be combined with video and stills for an even more in depth portrait of your company's goal.

When it comes to commercials and other productions, it is the intense pressure and countless challenges that goes with shooting such productions. We love challenges and to see how far we can push ourselves to deliver only the best! Below is a short clip of a very challenging request - setting up a 20m timelapse track… This was no easy feat but we thoroughly enjoyed sticking our neck's out to get this done. As far as we know this has not been done before ;-) You can watch the full commercial here: Lindeman's Wine Commercial - Australia

We also have a number of stock clips available so check out the gallery and let us know what you need. See more of our clients HERE.

You could always rent a Shukuma DOLLY too. Check out the rental page for more details.

Visit our gallery to see more of what we get up to. Looking forward to future challenges!

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