Timelapse equipment - THEN & NOW

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The gear you need to get the shots

Timelapse equipment - THEN & NOW

Wow! I was busy sorting some old photos a few days ago and came across this shot taken in 2012 of all our timelapse gear just before packing it into our Landy...

Now, almost two years later it looks a lot different! This is all equipment that we use on our timelapse trips or when we shoot and/or rig on commercials and other productions. It may seem like a lot of "nice to have's" but actually all of this allows me to make the most out of timelapse photography.

I'm the kind of guy who likes it when things work! I don't like to battle with stuff and scramble around when I'm on set, in a hurry and need to shoot. I like to work fast and be productive. Like I've said, things need to work! I am blessed to say that all this equipment allows me to be productive but most of all, to offer the best possible work out there. It makes me capable to deliver nothing but the best and that's what it's all about.

Now you probably want to know what's inside…. Well, I've decided that I'll make a quick, handheld video to show you what my timelapse kit consists of. This equipment does not include the rental dollies, this is only the stuff that we use ourselves.

You might be wondering if this all actually fits in the Landy?? For now, yes! With some clothes and food too, but just a little bit of clothes and camping gear ;-)

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Keep an eye out for this "what's inside" gear video too!

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