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Traveling through Namibia

TimeLapse Safari

What a great experience it was to go shoot timelapse in Namibia! One of the harshest areas to shoot in, offering some of the most breathtaking landscapes - and to travel with Gunther Wegner (from LRTimelapse) and his wife Diana, along with another German friend, David (I still can’t pronounce or spell his surname...).

It soon came clear that this was no social safari as we all had one thing one our minds - TIMELAPSE! Having a meal was low on the priority list and so was sleeping or taking naps. All we did was shoot, shoot and shoot. At least there was some time to enjoy a good Namibian beer together among all this timelapse adrenalin ;-)

As you might know by now, Africa is not for sissies and there are always challenges to face along the way. This included withstanding some of the strongest winds and sandstorms we have experienced in Namibia (so far), light heatstroke trying to adapt to the hot African temperatures (which is pretty common for any European visiting Africa) and also getting two flat tyres on Gunthers’ vehicle, simultaneously!!! Did I mention flat vehicle batteries?Don’t underestimate battery power when timelapsing, even for your vehicle, trying to keep everything charged.

Scouting for shots during the daytime was practically impossible as the heat will literally turn you into some melted puddle of “liquid human”. As soon as our morning shots were completed, Jonelle and I would start setting up for our afternoon shots. This often meant being in the sun until 10:00 or 11:00 am with the temperatures already scorching, keeping in mind it is the Namib desert and shade is more scarce than chickens with teeth! At least this ensured that we were more prepared for our afternoon and night shots ;-)

We visited some of the most pristine areas in Namibia! It is a huge country making it one of the most challenging factors to try and get to all these incredible locations and still have appropriate time to shoot timelapse every day. Having only two weeks to travel together, it was way too short :-(

We are really looking forward to see what Gunther and David came up with during this awesome timelapse safari! Don’t forget to check out Jonelle’s instagram for always documenting our real magical journeys ;-)

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