TimeLapse weekend workshop

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Yes! We did it again!!

TimeLapse weekend workshop

Since the many requests to hold another timelapse weekend, we just had to organize another one. And of course we improved this one by including a workshop to get you started with shooting and processing your timelapse shots.

The bonus part being the opportunity to test-drive the Shukuma DOLLY and getting as much practical experience as possible on one weekend.

On arrival all the campers pitched tents and the other guys got settled in their rooms. Without wasting any time, I set up a demo shot while talking people through the planning of the shot and how to use the dolly and controller. Many tips on how to calculate your intervals, flicker and equipment was discussed.

Soon after this, everyone was eager to get their cameras set up for their first proper timelapse. The stars and Milky way was high on everyones’ mind! Luckily we didn’t had such unpredictable weather like the previous time and our biggest challenge was dew..... But we were blessed to wake up to mist all around us, which was beautiful!!

To everyone who was brave enough to bear the cold weather, thank you for joining us and reaping the rewards as it was after all a very pleasant weekend and the nights were really not that chilly....

It was indeed a great weekend and it was awesome to talk and do nothing else but photography and timelapse, especially since everyone had the same interests ;-) Now go edit those shots, create an account on Vimeo and drop us a note in the “shout box” here once you have completed your first edit.

We are very keen to see your progress!

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weekend workshop 1

weekend workshop 2

weekend workshop 3