Unilever - Project Waterfall

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Longterm Timelapse Project - Johannesburg, South Africa

Unilever - Project Waterfall

It's always exciting to share any completed timelapse projects with you! This time we get to show you what it looks like installing a chemical processing plant... Yes, the factory where all your general household cleaning detergents and more will be mixed and packaged.
Here is a look at the installation of phase one for this new processing plant - Project Waterfall by Unilever.

The installation process started in early September 2014 and took less than 2 months to complete.
Here are some interesting stats from Project Waterfall:

Valves: 2309
Bolts & Nuts: 31660
Steel: 335 tons
Piping: 5636 meters
Big Modules: 19
Fabrication: 2 months
Workers: 70 Workshop Personnel
Designers: 28 Design Engineers
Duration: ± 45 Days

Some of you might also be wondering what it took photographic wise to complete this project?
Well, here are some info which might be of interest to you:

2 cameras
200m extension cord
46 days of shooting
8 Site visits to transfer data
25,344 still images
610GB RAW data
18 hours of grading & sorting RAW files (excl. transfer/importing/copy time)
34 hours of timelapse rendering
15 hours of post production

Special thanks to the very talented Nanette Grebe from Handmade Media for turning the footage into the complete production that it is! Stick around for phase two, the packing hall is currently being installed and should be completed by March/April 2015