Weekend Workshop, Changes and T-shirts

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General update from TimeLapse SA

Weekend Workshop, Changes and T-shirts

As many of you might know, it's time for the ever popular Weekend Workshop again! We are especially excited about this one. Not only because we are fully booked and maxed out but because we have something super cool to share with you! Actually more than just something, a few things...

We've been planning on getting some funky t-shirts done for a loooong time now and we finally got to it! We wanted to make sure we come up with a catchy slogan that timelapse shooters can relate to. Needless to say it took way longer then what we anticipated and it may or may not have involved some red wine and a braai.... Oh yes, and talking to people about timelapse shooting.

If you're lucky enough to join us on this upcoming Timelapse Weekend Workshop, you'll be the first ones to get the full monty ;-) If not, you'll have to wait for the blog update after the weekend...

We'll also be making some changes with regards to products available from TimeLaspe SA and we're happy to announce that we'll be working closely with a local manufacturer & supplier on various products such as controllers, pan-tilt follow focus controllers etc. all getting launcehd THIS WEEKEND. The SCYO Dolly is also expanding and will be undergoing a name change through the hand-over process to the new third party manufacturer & supplier.

More details on this will be discussed over the weekend and will also be mentioned in the blog to follow afterwards.

So, what does that T-shirt say....??