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Why we love Pelican

Pelican Cases

Oh yes, oh yes!
My LOVE for Pelican Cases is growing more and more which you can clearly see as the years go by.

Every time I look at our Pelican selection I think to myself "Do I really have space for more? Do I really need more pelicans? I have it all covered now." Then something comes along, a Laptop, a few small portable harddrives or Lee Filters, anything. And along with it the realisation that it too will need a Pelican case!

I'm sure many of you have seen some of the images of our travels and timelaspe trips to the Karoo, Namibia and elsewhere. If you have then you'll know that the conditions we work in are harsh and we need the best protection for our timelapse equipment at all times. Whenever we put stuff down it's often in sand, on rocks or perhaps the bonnet of our Land Rover. Come rain, shine, dust or diesel, it really must be protected from the harsh outdoor elements of nature.

Here are a handful of reasons why I just love Pelican Cases:

  • They are strong and robust!
  • It's great to organise your gear and it's great to pack it in your vehicle.
  • You can put it down anywhere you want and it sure keeps out dust and water.
  • Whenever it gets a little dirty you can just wipe it clean with a wet cloth.
  • It really protects your gear!
  • From travelling on corrugated and offroad conditions to sometimes having other people helping you carry your gear, maybe not understanding the importance of caring for equipment and handling it different than what you would. Pelican can handle it all! And so can the photographic equipment on the inside because it's protected - it's in a Pelican case...

With all that said, I'm sure the current collection of Pelicans will grow as the years go on :-) Oops!
But I do love them and they do a mighty fine job too!

pelican 1

pelican 2